In the Continual Improvement Loop

In the Continual Improvement Loop

29 August 2023
Customer Satisfaction

For several years now, as part of its quality-driven management approach, Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port’s Marketing Directorate has conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The results give value to the commitment shown by the Port Authority’s teams to a process of continual improvement.

The survey was carried out over a six-month period, with questionnaires being sent to 681 customers and partners by e-mail in March, analysis of the results over the course of the summer, and individual feedback in the autumn to those customers who responded. The 2023 customer satisfaction survey received 105 responses (a return rate of 15.4 %), from port professionals, from logistical service providers, and mainly from shippers (who represented 62 % of the total).

The overall level of satisfaction stands at 84 %, which is 3.8 % lower compared to 2021, like the perception of the strategic orientations, which attains 86.8 %.

 Deciphering of the Customer/Port Relationship

The survey details several facets of the Port’s relationship with its partners. Customer relations record a level of satisfaction of nearly 80 %, up 1 point compared to the previous period. The elements to be noted include a 2-point rise for project assistance, and good results as regards the promotion of the port offer, the provision of services, and the leadership of the teams dealing with real-estate aspects or port activity zone management.

Some less positive elements need to be worked on, notably as regards port services, where the level of satisfaction is down 8 points. The Port Authority’s communication to its customers is questioned. 75.3 % of those responding are apprised of port services pricing, and over 68 % consider that they are well supported by the Port Authority’s communication provision in terms of value-enhancing their activities.

Focus on Areas for Improvement
The analysis of the results by the Port Authority’s teams serves to highlight ambitions in four areas: development actions, communication and promotion, real estate and regional community, and ecological and energy transition.
Contacts at Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port – Stéphan Marin & Laurence Paitel