Being focussed on Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire’s development and appeal, Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port redesigned the organizational structure of its departments and directorates in 2020. The creation of a directorate structured around business units marks a major change in this new organization.

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Executive management

Michel Puyrazat
Michel Puyrazat
Acting chairman of the Management Board
pascal freneau
Pascal Fréneau
Deputy Managing Director responsible for functional resources
Member of the Management Board
julien dujardin
Julien Dujardin
Deputy Managing Director responsible for technical resources
Member of the Management

Development Directorate

Jérome Guiziou
Director of Development
Ludovic Bocquier
Energy Sector Business Unit
Laurent Connil
Saint Nazaire Business Unit
Cédric Eon
Container Terminal Business Unit
Stéphane Pin
Upriver Port Facilities Business Unit
Gaël Seyer
Multi-Bulk Terminal Business Unit
Jean-Luc Bernard
Ro-Ro Terminal Business Unit
Cédric Bouyer
Port Area Management Department

Marketing Directorate

Morgane Chopin
Director of Marketing
Morgane Chopin
Competitiveness Department

General Secretariat

Pascal Fréneau
General Secretary
Philippe Loreau
General Affairs Department
Karine Lerendu
Communication Department
Nicolas Huerta
Document and Records Management Department
Emilie Neveu Lemaire
Information Systems Department

Human Resources Directorate

Odile de Navacelle
Director of Human Resources
Vanessa Binard
Deputy HRD - Head of Social Management Control
Odile de Navacelle
Vocational Training Department
Yann Veron
Pay, Remuneration and Studies Department
Odile de Navacelle
Careers and Industrial Relations Department
Mathias Guérin
Quality and Safety Department
Health and Safety at Work Mission

Judicial Directorate and Public Order

Odile Bagot
Judicial directorate and Public Order
Nadège Poncelet
Legal Affairs and Procurement Contracts Department
Lydie Gay
Purchasing and Procurement Department

Finance Directorate

Yasmine Brossaud Prin
Director of Finance
Florence You
Management Control Department
Grégory Hamon
Financing and Taxation Department
Marie Postel
Revenue Management Department
Eric Fourrier
Accounts Department

Project Ownership

Sébastien L'Hermite
Project Ownership Mission

Planning & Development, Environment and Property Management Directorate  

Sophie Cochard
Director of Planning & Development, Environment and Property Management Directorate
Sophie Macé-Dubreuil
Operational Planning Department
Gwenaelle Cotonnec
Environment Department
Valéry Mescheriakoff
Property Development Department

Nautical Access Directorate

Olivier Barnabé
Director of Nautical Access
Olivier Barnabé
Bathymetry, Dredging and Inshore Piloting Department
Laurent Piton
Harbour Master's Office
Bertrand Herrero
Domain Supervision

Asset Management Directorate

Alexandre Rolland
Director of Asset Management
Jean-Marc Simon
Port Operations Department
Thierry Baelde
Maintenance and Technical Service Provision Department

Engineering Directorate

Francisco Sanchez
Director of Engineering
Philippe Léon
Great Project EOLE
Pascal Lijour
Maritime and Land Studies and Work Department
Christophe Daguizé
Industrial Studies and Works Department