QSE approach

QSE approach

For several years now, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port has been committed to a process of continual improvement, based on listening to internal and external customers, on understanding their expectations, and on identifying and meeting their requirements. Building on the progress achieved, at the end of 2011 the Port Authority instituted an integrated QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety, Environment) management system.

Quality is at the Heart of the Port System

Today, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port focusses its certification efforts on the ISO 9001 standard, the ultimate goal of which is the continual improvement of the Organization’s overall performance, with the principal objectives being to deliver to customers products and services that meet their expectations, to seize all opportunities to improve the levels of satisfaction for existing and prospective customers, and to better take into account the risks and opportunities for the development of the Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire.

Ensuring Health and Safety

The Quality and Safety Department and the Health and Safety at Work Mission assist our salaried employees as regards risk prevention in relation to their respective activities. To that end, we pursue a safety management approach that follows MASE (Safety Improvement in the Company Environment) guidelines, wherein the goal of the management system is the continual, permanent improvement of the Organization’s health ‒ safety ‒ environment performance. Identifying and sharing risks so as to prevent those risks individually and collectively, that is how we grow and share a safety culture that is essential within the port environment. Each accident forms the subject of an event tree analysis and the improvement actions are monitored by the Health and Safety at Work Committees (H&SWCs). The Port Authority has two H&SWCs, one for shore-based personnel and another for sea-going personnel. Maintaining vigilance in the professional practices of all involved is a key challenge.

Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities

Being committed to energy and ecological transition on the Loire Estuary, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port bases its environmental actions on the ECOPORTS environmental standard, the environmental management system quality label awarded to European ports that put in place "good practices" as regards sustainable development. Studies, equipment, management plans for natural spaces, regular awareness-raising of personnel and assistance for customers all represent the means employed to reduce the environmental impact and to improve the sustainability of port-related activities.

Technological Risk Management

Within the framework of the implementation of the Technological Risk Prevention Plan (TRPP), the APIM Association (Montoir de Bretagne Industrial Platform Association), which groups together all the firms in the sector concerned, including the three industrial facilities that are Seveso category sites (Yara France, Elengy and IDEA Bulk Cargo Service), has helped to instil a shared industrial risk culture. Each company which is subject to the TRPP is required to elaborate a plan to ensure the safety of persons. In 2017, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port therefore drew up a plan describing the risks, the measures to provide information and training, the protection equipment and the procedures to be followed in the event of an incident.