Lock times

Lock times

Opening hours of the East and South locks of Saint-Nazaire

East Lock

This access to the basins is mainly used by small service vessels, notably the sailors of the Lighthouses and Beacons, boaters, fishermen, pleasure boaters and passenger shuttles. Airlock openings are scheduled every two hours. Find the details in the table below.


Ecluse est


East lock opening hours

Outbound the basin Inbound the basin
02h00 02h10
04h00 04h10
06h00 06h10
07h50 08h00
10h00 10h10
12h00 12h10
14h00 14h10
16h00 16h10
18h00 18h10
20h00 20h10
23h00 23h10

South Lock

The South Lock is open to maritime traffic, free of charge :

  • At the exit of the basin : 2 hours before high tide and 1h30 after.

  • Entrance to the basin : 1 h 30 before high tide and 2 h after.

Airlocks can also be installed outside these times, on request at the harbour master's office.