Ship Repair

Ship Repair

A Ship Repair Stronghold

Does one of your vessels require maintenance work? Do you want to modify the vessel’s means of propulsion? Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port has the solution. With its different dock facilities and its rich industrial ecosystem, Saint Nazaire has established itself as a stronghold for ship repair and maintenance activities on France’s Atlantic Seaboard

Professionals at the Service of Shipowners

Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port proposes an integrated service provision for the reception of vessels, the deployment of its plant and equipment or the installation of keel blocks for dry docking. The local industrial fabric complements that offer. Mechanical engineering, sheet-metal working, marine electrical engineering… all the specialist trades are present alongside the Saint Nazaire dock basins!

Docks Suitable for Different Types of Vessels

Three dry docks and the Joubert sluice dock make it possible to receive many different types of vessels. The dry docks have the advantage of giving directly onto the Penhoët dock basin, and therefore of being accessible whatever the tidal conditions. For its part, the Joubert sluice dock is ideally suited for carrying out work on larger vessels or on unusual items, as was the case for the float of the Floatgen prototype wind turbine, for example.

An extensive network of companies 


The metal industry

High technology



A centre of expertise

Accessibility out of tide, holds adapted to all activities

Reactivity 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Safety and security for intervening companies


Our Three Dry Docks


Dry Dock N° 1


  • Useful length : 206 metres 
  • Width : 30 metres 
  • Maximun draught : 7 metres 
  • Dock draining time : 7 hours 30 minutes 
  • Dock filling time : 4 hours 
  • Lifting capacity : 15 tonnes at 32 metres 


Dry Dock N° 2


  • Useful length : 117 metres 
  • Width : 13 metres 
  • Maximun draught : 5 metres 
  • Dock draining time : 1 hours 15 minutes 
  • Dock filling time : 1 hours 45 minutes 

Dry Drock N°3 


  • Useful length : 147 metres 
  • Width : 18 metres 
  • Maximun draught : 8 metres 
  • Dock draining time : 3 hours 30 minutes 
  • Dock filling time : 3 hours 

10 hectares available for subcontractors


Joubert Sluice Dock


  • length: 350 metres
  • width: 50 metres
  • maximum draught: 13 metres*
  • dock draining time: 12 hours
  • dock filling time: 3 hours
  • lifting capacity:
  • 14 tonnes at 40 metres
  • 5 tonnes at 55 metres

15 hectares available for subcontractors


* according to the water level in the dock basin

Le Pellerin Floating Dock


  • length: 92 metres
  • width: 16 metres
  • maximum draught: 4 metres*
  • dock draining time: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • dock filling time: 1 hour
  • lifting equipment: two tower cranes (capacity: 2.9 tonnes at 50 metres and 1.4 tonnes at 42 metres)

 Additional equipment on site: Aloès crane pontoon

A wide range of services

Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port offers a broad range of services in terms of ship repair activities. As an operator, we have authorization to occupy the Quai des Frégates quay for repairs carried out afloat. We can also use the quays of the Penhoët dock basin for the largest vessels. If need be, the Port makes available one of its four ship repair docks and its logistical resources. For our long-term operations planning, we are in regular contact with the Port Authority’s personnel and with other players such as the Chantiers de l’Atlantique Shipyard...
Guillaume de Williencourt, Business Development Manager, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Clemessy Services
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