A Year of Transition and Experimentation

24 February 2020

The governance and organization of the business have evolved along lines never seen before in Metropolitan France. A collective process of deliberation has been embarked upon with Regional Community stakeholders, in order to define the new port strategy for the Loire Estuary, with the aim of making Nantes − Saint Nazaire the Port for Greater Western France.

At the same time, the Port Authority has continued its investments to support the development of different sectors of activity, notably the marine renewable energy sector.

Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port has multiplied its commercial initiatives in the hinterland and in zones of growth at an international level, to further the development of business sectors, in particular in the area of agri-food.

2019 was also characterized by the implementation of a Smart Port initiative designed to expedite digital innovations with a view to enhancing the attractiveness of port services.

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