Upgraded Dockside Plant and Equipment

Upgraded Dockside Plant and Equipment

2 July 2020

The dismantling of the Peiner crane in Saint Nazaire will leave space for two mobile cranes offering greater capacity. They will be delivered at the end of the year.

Commissioned in 1979, with a lifting capacity of 5 to 14 tonnes the Peiner crane had become obsolete and unsuited for the new uses of the Joubert sluice dock. The decommissioning work took place from 2nd to 12th June.

At the same time, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port has developed its service offer for cargo handling operations, in order to adapt to the demands of industrial firms generating flows of items that are getting bigger and bigger, and heavier and heavier. At the end of the year, two new mobile cranes will be added to the port landscape. Working in tandem, the first, high-capacity crane (200 T) and the second, medium-capacity crane (150 T) will deliver an appropriate response to the different requirements.

The cranes will notably be used in the assembly of wind turbines for the future wind farm to be sited off Saint Nazaire. This activity should create multiple requirements, such as the unloading of heavy and voluminous components, their preparation prior to assembly and their loading aboard the installation vessel.
Contact at Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port – Laurent Connil