Two New Partners for the Nantes-based Company NEOLINE

10 February 2020

On 4th February, the Sogestran Group and its subsidiary company Compagnie Maritime Nantaise (MN) announced their decision to join forces with NEOLINE for the upcoming construction of its first transatlantic sail-propulsion cargo ship and for the operational set-up of the pilot service.
For NEOLINE, the arrival of one of the major players in the maritime and inland waterway transport sector enables the Company to draw on recognized expertise for the launch of its innovative, 136-metre-long cargo ships employing sail as their principal means of propulsion, for which Sogestran will also be one of the key investors.

For MN, which will be the operational partner, this partnership will serve to develop its activities involving the management and operation of vessels on behalf of other parties, with a strong emphasis on energy transition.
For the Sogestran Group, this investment is in line with its maritime ambitions. Joining forces with NEOLINE will help the Group to move forward more quickly with the energy and environmental improvement of its activities, while at the same time strengthening its positioning in relation to the values which the Group already upholds.

An object of criticism for its impact on the environment, the shipping sector today faces intense pressure on both a regulatory and a societal level to speed up its energy transition. Based on delivering energy performance through the utilization of wind power as the principal means of propulsion of its vessels, a reasonable commercial speed of 11 knots, and trained, committed crews, combined with advanced weather routing systems, the vessel operation model proposed by NEOLINE targets a 90 % reduction in consumption and therefore in associated pollutant emissions. These ships will also be able to trial a range of complementary technologies with the medium-term aim of attaining "Zero Emission", which in the 2017 Climate Plan is France’s stated objective for 2050.

Able to draw on the support of key players such as the Renault Group, the Manitou Group and the Beneteau Group, thereby demonstrating the logistical and economic relevance of the new service for the Region’s industrialists, NEOLINE is planning to place an order in the near future with Néopolia Mobility for the construction of the first vessel, with the operation of the pilot service to start as soon as possible.

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