SMOOTH PORTS: The Project Reaches Its Final Phase

SMOOTH PORTS: The Project Reaches Its Final Phase

26 September 2022
Smooth Ports

The Smooth Ports Project presented its results at a final seminar held in Brussels on 13th and 14th September, before a forty-strong group of participants.

A round-table discussion enabled three experts, Jose Fernandez Garcia, of the European Commission’s DG Mobility and Transport, Valter Selèn, Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainable Development at ESPO, and Hermann D. Grünefeld, Head of Traffic Management at Hamburg Port Authority, to place the project within the context of sustainable port development challenges, whether in terms of the reduction of in-port vessel emissions, the smart management of road traffic, or digitalization.

Como colofón de estas jornadas, la delegación pudo realizar una visita técnica a la "One Stop Shop" (ventanilla única) del puerto de Amberes. Los visitantes tuvieron la oportunidad de ver el funcionamiento de todo un sistema que reagrupa aduanas y servicios sanitarios para garantizar la seguridad de los flujos contenerizados de importación.

The project has now come to an end on a technical level, but the long-term subjects continue to apply for each partner. Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port is operating within this dynamic, with several actions deriving from its strategic plan.

Contact at Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port - Christophe Leclerc