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Port Activities Continue at Nantes − Saint Nazaire

18th March 2020

In the context of a health crisis on an unprecedented scale, the port professionals are getting organized and ensuring business continuity, so as to secure the supply of goods and flows of freight in Greater Western France and to the French West Indies in strict compliance with the directives in force for the protection of persons.

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2019 : A Year of Transition and Experimentation

12th February 2020

The governance and organization of the business have evolved along lines never seen before in Metropolitan France. A collective process of deliberation has been embarked upon with Regional Community stakeholders, in order to define the new port strategy for the Loire Estuary, with the aim of making Nantes − Saint Nazaire the Port for Greater Western France.

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Christelle Morançais, Chair of the Supervisory Board

22th November 2019

The Supervisory Board of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port Authority has been renewed for a period of five years. An innovative plan for the governance of the Port Authority has been adopted, resulting in the election, on Friday, 22nd November 2019, of the Chair of Pays de la Loire Regional Council at the head of this port governance body. 

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A New Port Infrastructure to Facilitate Regulatory Inspections of Goods

3rd October 2019

At Montoir de Bretagne, the one-stop facility for regulatory requirements is now operational. Officially opened on 3rd October, in the presence of the financing partners and representatives from the agri-food sector, this public-sector facility has been designed to facilitate health checks and customs inspections of cargo consignments arriving from non-EU countries and to carry out import checks on organic products.

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The Development of the Le Carnet Port Facility Takes on a New Dimension

19th September 2019

As the first site development work commences, a communication campaign has been launched with the national and international press to make the Le Carnet port facility more widely known and to give project initiators the opportunity to come forward.

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A European Space Agency Satellite Is Loaded on Board Ship at the Montoir Ro-Ro Terminal

15th June 2018

An exceptional loading operation was carried out on 15th June 2018 at the Montoir de Bretagne ro-ro terminal. Designed by Airbus Space and Defence for the European Space Agency (ESA), the AEOLUS satellite was loaded this Friday aboard the ro-ro vessel Ciudad de Cadiz, bound for Kourou, in French Guiana.

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The FlexiLoire Inland Waterway Service Officially Inaugurated

Following a launch phase, the FlexiLoire multi-site, multi-sector inland waterway transport service was officially inaugurated on 18th April 2018, in the presence of representatives from the joint procurement group behind its creation − Nantes Metropolitan District Council, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port − and of service operator Compagnie Ligérienne de Transport.

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Groupe Legendre Will Be Delivering 24 000 m2 of Logistics Warehousing at Nantes Cheviré in 2019

20th March 2018

In the first quarter of 2019, the Cheviré port facility will receive new logistics warehousing covering a total surface area of 24 000 m², in a project led by real estate professional Groupe Legendre, a company specializing in construction, property development and energy. Marketed by property company Blot Immobilier, this platform has already attracted a first industrial firm, which will be using 50 % of the warehouse space for its operations, while the remaining 12 000 m² await a second occupant.

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A Port Strategy Reinforced by Dynamic Sectors of Activity des filières

17th January 2018

In October 2015, the Port Authority’s Supervisory Board adopted a strategic plan for the period 2015-2020. The stated ambition of Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port consists in becoming a reference port for energy and ecological transition. The strategy is structured around three orientations ("Playing a core role in existing and emerging sectors", "Delivering high-performance port-based industrial facilities" and "Driving a shared policy for the sustainable development of estuarine port areas"), and its implementation is based on an operational programme comprising 28 actions. All those actions are proceeding. The first results today confirm the relevance of the strategy adopted over two years ago now, which has been built on a proactive policy of investment and diversification conducted by Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port in a challenging economic context.

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Strong Growth in Port Traffic

8th January 2018

The overall traffic volume at Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port amounts to 29.9 million tonnes (MT) in 2017, up 17.2 % compared to the previous year. Apart from grain and cereals, all the traffic sectors progress, thus evidencing the dynamism of the industrial and logistical activities on the Loire Estuary. This change notably reflects the upturn in international trade, from which the port professionals have succeeded in taking advantage. It is also the product of the proactive investment and diversification policy conducted by Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port over the past five years, in what has been a difficult economic context.

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Review of 2016 and Future Prospects

18th January 2017

Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port asserts its industrial vocation by assisting the development of sectors of activity that are long established in the Region, such as shipbuilding, and the emergence of new sectors of activity such as marine renewable energy. 2016 is marked by the large-scale work carried out at the general cargo and container terminal, the introduction of new service offers and the upgrading of port facilities.

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Un début de reprise du trafic portuaire

5th January 2017

In 2016, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port records a total traffic volume of 25.5 million tonnes, which is higher than the previous year. This result is notably characterized by the increase in ro-ro traffic and by the upturn in liquefied natural gas traffic.


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Swedish Company Scania Chooses the Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire to Export its Trucks to North Africa

Scania24th november 2016

Scania, one of Europe’s market leaders for truck manufacturing, is making changes to its logistics plan for the exportation of its heavy goods vehicles to Tunisia and Morocco. 300 to 400 trucks assembled at the Scania Production facility in Angers will be loaded on board ship each year at Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port’s ro-ro terminal at Montoir de Bretagne. The inaugural loading operation took place on 24th November 2016..

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Shipment of Offshore Wind Turbine Nacelles: Fully Operational XXL-Sized Port-Based Logistics

12th July 2016

An unusual vessel is currently occupying the Louis Joubert sluice dock in Saint Nazaire. The Brave Tern is taking up the baton of an XXL-sized logistics operation conducted by port professionals in Saint Nazaire, for the shipment of five General Electric offshore wind turbine nacelles to Block Island in the USA.

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A Joint Procurement Group to Develop an Inland Waterway Transport Service on the Loire Estuary

11th July 2016

The springboard is now in place. Nantes Metropolitan District Council, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port have established a Joint Procurement Group in order to encourage the emergence of an inland waterway transport service by barge on the River Loire. This innovative arrangement evidences a shared commitment to promoting sustainable development on the Loire Estuary. And already, the Group has just invited tenders for the appointment of an operator.

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Zortürk: Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port Will Be Able To Move On

16th June 2016

Early in July, the Zortürk will finally be vacating dry dock N° 3. The operations to dismantle the wreck, which started in April, are nearing an end with the cutting up of the holds. Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port is going to be able to close this chapter, which began seven years ago.

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The Zortürk Will Be Leaving Dry Dock N° 3 This Summer

2nd May 2016

The story of the Zortürk, formerly named the Aspet, and that of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, is finally reaching its conclusion. The wreck, which will soon have been at the Saint Nazaire port facility for seven years, is in the process of being dismantled. The Company Séjourné SAS has been charged with the shipbreaking work. Dry dock N° 3 should be vacated in the course of July.

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Key Events in 2014 and Some Major Work Projects in 2015

10th february 2016

2015 is characterized by the adoption of the strategic plan for 2015-2020, a period during which significant public-sector and private-sector investments will be undertaken. The year is also marked by the increased presence of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port on the international stage, by the actions to promote intermodality and by the strengthening of the link with the general public. In the course of this same year, nearly 30 million euros were devoted to developing the port infrastructures on the Loire Estuary.

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A Year of Contrasts for Port Traffic Levels

15th January 2016

The total traffic volume at Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port stands at 25.3 million tonnes for 2015. The year is marked by the strong growth in grain and cereals traffic (+ 29.3 %) and in animal feedstuffs traffic (+ 15.6 %). These developments contrast with the decrease in energy-related traffic (- 8 %).

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An International Maritime Scientific Symposium in Nantes in 2016

8th September 2015

The European research programme Human Sea and Marisk, the International Conference on Maritime and Port Risk Prevention, are coming together to organize a maritime event on an international scale in Nantes, on 3rd and 4th October 2016. Of major scientific importance, the Human Sea & Marisk Symposium will be focusing on the theme: "The Economic Challenge and Control of New Maritime Risks: A Blue Growth Strategy?".

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Industrial and Port Players Come Together for the Development of Railfreight

4th September 2015

This Friday, 4th September, the dominant theme is the transportation of cargo by rail. National and port players, local and regional elected officials and representatives of the Port Community have come together at the Cargill industrial facility at Montoir de Bretagne’s multi-bulk terminal in order to witness the arrival of one of the first trains operated by OFP Atlantique to transport a consignment of rapeseed from the Central France Region.

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Start of Work on the MRE Logistics Hub


12th June 2015

At the Saint Nazaire port facility, the preparatory work has started on the future marine renewable energy logistics hub. Blockhouses dating back to World War Two are being demolished. From the end of 2016, once the transformation is completed, the site will be used as a logistics base by the consortium headed by EDF-EN for the construction of the offshore wind farm to be located off Saint Nazaire.

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The Dismantling of the Zortürk

27th May 2015

The Zortürk, which was formerly named the Aspet, has been at the Saint Nazaire port facility for nearly six years now. The signing of an agreement in September 2014 by the shipowner and the Port Authority pointed to an end being in sight. With a detailed diagnosis currently being finalized, the dismantling phase has now begun.

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A Charter for the Reception of Visiting Seafarers

25th February 2015

At Nantes – Saint Nazaire, providing reception services for seafarers is a long-established practice which port professionals wish to carry on into the future. This desire is today expressed through the signing of a charter by the Seafarers’ Welfare Council, the Port Commission for Seafarers’ Welfare and the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port Authority.

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Key Events in 2014 and Some Major Work Projects in 2015

Press Conference – 21th January 2015

- Renewal of the Governance Bodies
- Towards a Diversification of Port Traffic
- Key Events in 2014
- Summer 2015 Revision of the Strategic
- Main Actions in 2015


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Towards a Diversification of Port Traffic

8th January 2015

The total traffic volume at Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port amounts to 26.4 million tonnes in 2014. The contrasting developments in energy-related throughput, as characterized by the progression of crude oil and the decrease in coal traffic, mask the growth recorded for grain and cereals, cement and bulk recycled product cargo.

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Montoir–Vigo: Suardiaz Extends its Service Offer from 19th January

Montoir – Vigo : Suardiaz étoffe son offre à partir du 19 janvier 11th December 2014

The Spanish Group Suardiaz announces that it will be strengthening its maritime service between Saint Nazaire (Montoir) and Vigo, with three round trips per week from 19th January 2015. The Spanish roll-on/roll-off transport specialist Suardiaz wishes to anticipate the upcoming approval by the European Union regarding subsidies from the French and Spansh Governments, by chartering an additional vessel for the maritime link between Saint Nazaire (Montoir) and Vigo from early next year.

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Elengy and Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port go for LNG as fuel

2nd December 2014

An outline agreement was signed by Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port and Elengy, the operator of the LNG terminal at Montoir-de-Bretagne, to carry out a joint study of the possibilities for LNG as fuel in 2014. This collaboration has confirmed the interest of LNG as fuel for ships in the area and has boosted the position of the terminal as an LNG hub. A solution for truck loadings on the Montoir terminal is already available to allow truck-to-ship bunkering, and other solutions should be available shortly.   

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The Pays de la Loire Regional Customs Directorate Simplifies the Administrative Process for Port Operators

17th November 2014

In collaboration with port professionals, the Regional Customs Directorate for the Pays de la Loire Region is modernizing customs procedures for two port operators.
The aim is to free up the circulation of goods of non-EU origin at the Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire. This initiative was officialized on Monday, 17th November at Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port’s headquarters by the signing of an agreement between the Regional Customs Directorate and the Chief Executives of Sogebras and Sea Invest Nantes.

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Key Events in 2013 and Some Major Work Projects in 2014

Press Conference – 20th January 2014

- Installation of the Supervisory Board
- 2013 Traffic Levels
- Key Events in 2013
- QHSE Certification
- Some Major Work Projects in 2014:
  . Development of the port facilities on the downriver section of the Loire Estuary
  . Anticipated growth in high-volume modes of transportation
  . Revision of the strategic plan

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A Traffic Volume Affected by Energy-Related Throughput

8th January 2014

At the end of 2013, the total traffic volume at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire amounts to 27.7 million tonnes (MT). Down by 2.2 MT compared to the previous year, it is characterized by a decrease in energy-related throughput, notably for crude oil (- 1.2 MT), LNG (- 0.9 MT) and coal (- 0.2 MT). This change contrasts with the growth in grain and cereals, cattle feed and ro-ro traffic levels.

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China: Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port’s Second Biggest Partner

25th Septembre 2013

From 20th to 27th September, Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Port is taking part in the visit by a regional delegation to China, on the initiative of the Pays de la Loire Regional Authority and the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the visit, Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Port is organizing a commercial event in Qingdao, on 25th September. The aims of the event are to strengthen the links with Chinese port professionals and to contribute to developing trade exchanges with China, notably in terms of container traffic.

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First transhipment of LNG at Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal

9th August 2013

On August 7, Elengy and the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port joined forces at the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal to undertake their very first transhipment operation – a service offered at the terminal since July. By facilitating the transhipment of a cargo directly from one LNG tanker to another (both of large capacity) – thanks in particular to the availability of two jetties at its terminal – Elengy is addressing the new demands of LNG market players.

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The Port of Nantes - Saint Nazaire’s Specialisms and Facilities at the Naval Museum

22nd July 2013

Inaugurated on 28th April, the Mindin Naval Museum exhibition dedicated to the Port of Nantes - Saint Nazaire’s specialisms and facilities is open to the public until 15th September. The abundance of exhibits and the events proposed by the Association have served to attract over 1 300 visitors to date. In order to mark the 30th anniversary of the Museum, a day of celebration is to be held on 26th July, representing an additional opportunity to honour the Region’s maritime heritage.

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The Montoir de Bretagne LNG terminal operational to offer LNG ship-to-ship transfer service

15th July 2013

Elengy’s Montoir de Bretagne LNG terminal and Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port will be rolling out ship-to-ship (STS) transfer services starting this summer. Following the launch of the LNG reloading service in 2012, Elengy is now responding to market demand for direct ship-to-ship transfer between two tankers. STS transfers can be safely carried out in 48 hours.

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New Purification Facilities at Montoir de Bretagne

17th April 2013

On Wednesday, 17th April, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port inaugurated the two purification facilities in the Montoir de Bretagne Port Activity Zone. Co-contracted by the two Authorities, the installations have been operational since March.

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Nantes - Saint Nazaire Shows its Logistics Solutions in Paris

22nd March 2013

From 26th to 28th March, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port, the Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority, Nantes Metropolitan District Council and the Metropolitan District Association will all be present on a joint stand at the SITL Logistics Solutions Trade Show. The aim of this association of territorial stakeholders is to jointly promote the land and property development offers, multimodal logistics, shipping services, cargo-related service provision and logistics training offer in the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Metropolitan Area.

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The Caisse d’Epargne Savings Bank Contributes to the Development of the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority

22nd February 2013

Following a process of consultation with banking institutions, the Caisse d’Epargne Savings Bank (Brittany - Pays de Loire Region) has been chosen to be the leading backer of the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority’s ambitious investment plans. The Port Authority is taking out a 30-million-euro loan over 25 years to finance the operations.

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Significant Events in 2012 and Outlook for the Port of Nantes - Saint Nazaire

30th January 2013

With the introduction of new liner services, business locations by new port stakeholders and the deployment of partnerships, for the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority 2012 marks the strengthening of its international relationships. While broadening its logistical service offer, the Port Authority is embarking on strong industrial development initiatives, notably with the emergence of marine renewable energy. In a difficult economic context, the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority has chosen to maintain its development-oriented investments. Furthermore, it will soon be engaging in a wide-ranging consultation regarding the development of the downriver port facilities on the Loire Estuary moving towards 2020.

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Download the Appendix 1 - Contrasting Changes in Port Traffic Levels in 2012

Download the Appendix 2 - Port Authoritys governance bodies

Download the Appendix 3 - A New Identity for Nantes Saint Nazaire Port Authority

Contrasting Changes in Port Traffic Levels

9th January 2013

The Nantes Saint Nazaire Port Authority saw its traffic levels mark time in 2012. Maritime throughput, which represents 29.8 million tonnes, falls back by 2.7 %, the national downturn being approximately 4 %*. A direct consequence of a difficult economic situation internationally, this average decrease conceals some contrasting changes, both between imports (- 4.5 %) and exports (+ 1.7 %) as well as within the various categories of traffic.

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