Paved platform where the sea routes, inland waterways, railways and roads used for transporting cargo meet, and where cargo is transhipped from one means of transport to another.


Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit, the unit of measurement of containers, covering both 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

Tonnage Contract

Arrangement whereby the shipowner or ship’s manager undertakes to transport a quantity of cargo for a given period, between two points, in the vessel of his choosing.

Train Path

A time slot on a rail journey.

Tramp Ship (or Bulk Carrier)

A non-specialist, bulk-cargo-carrying vessel, the tramp ship sails as demand dictates (a taxi ship). It is often contrasted to the liner vessel.

Tramping (or Under Charter Transport)

Arrangement whereby a freighter (shipowner or ship’s manager) makes transport capacity available to a charterer, for a fee (freight), for the purpose of making one or more voyages, in order to transport solid or liquid bulk cargo.


Vessel assisting inbound and outbound vessel manoeuvres within the port.


Space between two decks, used for carrying cargo.

Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit

Measure of capacity of container ships, conversion factor for expressing container traffic statistics for containers of various dimensions. 1 TEU = one 20-foot container.

Twin Locks

Sluice locks that are interconnected in such a way that the chamber of one lock acts as the side pond, or saving basin, for the other lock.