All cargo stowed on deck.

Deep-Sea Shipping

Navigation outside of the zones of short-sea operations; deep-sea or ocean-going vessels (freighters or ocean liners) are used for this type of shipping.

DETRA (Deviated or Diverted Traffic)

Imports or exports by a country that is not the final destination or the point of origin of the goods.


Worker charged with the tasks of loading and unloading vessels.


Landing pontoon that does not join the sea.

Downriver (or Downstream)

Part of the river which is between a given point and the mouth of the river; at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire, the downriver sites are: Saint Nazaire, Montoir de Bretagne and Donges.

Draught (or Load Draught)

Height of the submerged section of a vessel. The draught therefore varies according to the load. It should be noted that the term is sometimes wrongly used in place of the term "anchorage", in the sense of the depth of the channel.


Dredging operations in the shipping channel  are carried out using a dredger, specialist equipment designed to remove sand, gravel or silt from the channel bottom. In certain locations, these operations have to be repeated regularly in order to ensure sufficient channel depth.

Dry Cargo

Dry goods as opposed to liquid cargo.

Dry Dock

A dock facility that can be drained of water for the purposes of repairing vessels.

DWT (Deadweight Ton)

Loading capacity of a vessel in terms of weight. Number of tons that a vessel can transport, including supplies and bunker (which must be subtracted to obtain the "payload").