Careen (to)

Dry docking a vessel for the purposes of hull maintenance, cleaning and painting (tarring).


Maintenance or painting operations on the submerged section of a vessel.


Contract in which the vessel’s owner (the freighter) undertakes, for a fee, to place a vessel at a charterer’s disposal.


Contract for the chartering of a vessel, whether for a single voyage or for a fixed period of time.


Professional who hires a vessel from a shipowner, either on a bare-boat charter or, if the vessel is fitted out, i.e. provided with a crew, on a time charter or a voyage charter.

Classification Society

Body responsible for inspecting shipbuilding operations, supervising repairs, defining and enforcing safety regulations and awarding a classification mark.

Coastal Navigation

Navigation at a limited distance from the coasts (as opposed to ocean-going navigation).

Combined Transport

Movement of goods under a single transportation document, either via several modes of transport subject to different sets of regulations or via several modes of transport subject to a single set of regulations.

Commissioning (or Fitting-out)

Provision of all the equipment and personnel necessary in order for a vessel to sail; the equivalent French term "armement" is also used to designate a shipping company.


A consolidator is a forwarding agent who groups together individual packages and consignments to form consolidated, unit loads, which he then hands over to a carrier. There are consolidators for air, sea and road freight.


Group of companies pooling receipts, schedules, vessel slots and operating costs.


Metal box designed for the multimodal transportation of goods and of other miscellaneous items.

Container Carrier (or Container Ship)

Vessel specializing in the transportation of cargo that has been pre-loaded in standard-sized, 20-foot or 40-foot containers, thus avoiding the need for break loading between the different means of transport used.

Containerized Cargo

Cargo transported inside a container.


Piece of large-sized lifting and handling equipment comprising a frame and a jib.

Crane Operator

Operator of items of handling equipment such as conventional cranes or gantry cranes.

Customs Agent (or Customs Broker)

Any natural person or company making it their occupation to fulfil customs formalities on behalf of others, whether this is their main occupation or as a normal complement to their main occupation (as per Article 4, French Act of Parliament dated 1st March 1957). Legally speaking, the customs agent is an authorized agent who carries out import or export customs clearance operations. The practice of this profession is regulated in France and requires accreditation for a given geographical region from the French Ministry of Finance.