Locating to Nantes – Saint Nazaire

Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port has space available in all the zones that comprise the Port Authority’s area. Already developed sites or sites currently under development represent a total surface area of nearly 1 650 hectares.

Being responsible not only for developing and managing the industrial and logistical activity zones, but also for bringing added value to port property, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port gives careful consideration to plans for new business locations. The discussions with its customers lead to a land development proposal that is suited to the needs of the company concerned and provided within a controlled time frame.

Parallel to such a proposal, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port offers assistance throughout the various stages of the project: the definition and adjustment phase, the progress of the different administrative proceedings, the completion of the building work itself... information sharing, liaison, advice and expertise: everything is done to facilitate the process and thus to contribute to the execution and to the success of the project.



Commercial service

Tel : (00 33) (0)240 442 125