Plant and equipment service provisions for secure lifting operations

The 400-tonne jumbo derrick is used to handle the heavy-lift consignments transiting the Saint Nazaire facilities. Set up 18 metres from the quay, this piece of lifting equipment has a capacity of 2 times 200 tonnes and an operating speed of 1.5 metres per minute. Engines, large boilerwork fabrications, aircraft or vessel components: the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port Authority’s technical team is ready to meet your requirements for all loading and unloading operations.

The Aloès pontoon is the only piece of equipment deployed on the River Loire that has a lifting capacity of 90 tonnes. It is mainly used for on-water handling operations and the transportation of heavy-lift consignments, with its 200 m² platform being able to receive a maximum load of around 200 tonnes.

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port carries out specific studies and matches the services to your requirements, so as to offer you a tailor-made service provision.