Bulk Cargo Traffic: the Lifeblood of the Port

Bolstered by the advantages of the Greater Western France Region, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port is the bulk cargo leader on France’s Atlantic Seaboard. Four complementary facilities (Saint Nazaire, Montoir de Bretagne, Donges and Nantes) are equipped to receive and store all types of dry and liquid bulk cargo.

Bulk agri-foodstuffs, energy-related bulk cargo, bulk construction materials, bulk recycling products and industrial bulk cargo are handled at secure port installations by means of independent circuits permitting product separation and traceability.

Recognized specialists are there to serve all sectors of activity and offer a broad range of storage options, subpackaging possibilities, processing know-how and logistics service provision for these types of bulk cargo.

With bulk cargo activities set to grow, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port assists this sector in its development.