Roche Maurice: Western France’s Granary

A hinterland with Great Potential

Located opposite Cheviré, the Roche Maurice facility is the market leader in Greater Western France for grain and cereal traffic (800 000 tonnes a year). Nantes makes the most of the potential offered by its Western hinterland (including the Pays de la Loire and Centre Regional Authorities). The main outlets are millers in Portugal and Spain, but also Algeria, Morocco and Western Africa.

A Major Player for Grain and Cereals at the Helm

Four cranes, two grain handling gantries, two loading gantries for bags… the plant and equipment at the Roche Maurice facility are managed by Invivo. At its silos, the firm also has a storage capacity of 117 000 tonnes at Roche Maurice and of 175 500 tonnes at Montoir de Bretagne. Invivo works mainly with cargo handler Sea Invest.

Not Forgetting Dry and Liquid Bulk Cargo Traffic…

Roche Maurice receives consignments of chemicals, fertilizers (ammonitrates excepted) and cattle feed, including the cargoes of rapeseed cakes transported by coaster. Further downstream, the Quai Émile Cormerais facility operated by the Alkion Group has two berths that are used to handle liquid cargo traffic, including vegetable oil, molasses and bitumen.