Nantes Cheviré: From Timber to Logistics

An Attractive Multimodal Platform

Direct connections to the motorway network, a rail branch line, proximity to the airport, an inland waterway link by barge between Nantes and Montoir de Bretagne, and above all land reserves (15 hectares already available and an additional 20 hectares in the medium term)… Cheviré offers numerous logistical advantages for the development of distribution centres.

The Leader for Timber

The Port of Nantes - Saint Nazaire is the N° 1 facility in France for timber imports. In 2009, it received 90 000 tonnes, 50 % of which was tropical timber and the other 50 % Northern European timber. Its modern plant and equipment permit the reception of all types of forest products (undressed timber, sawn timber and plywood) and of all consignment modes, whether break-bulk at Nantes Cheviré, or by container or ro-ro at Montoir de Bretagne. 

A Wholesale Marketplace for Timber

Cheviré is France’s leading wholesale marketplace for timber. All the sector’s specialisms are represented here, with a unique concentration of professionals and know-how. Carriers and surveyors, stores, sawmill operators and timber driers, or storage operators and distributors, Cheviré is at the heart of a fully-fledged primary processing industry for forest products.

The Added Value of Waste Products

The Port has taken up the challenge of handling recycling products. AFM Recycling has notably chosen to locate its metal recycling unit at Cheviré. Once crushed and ground, the waste products are shipped to Spain, Turkey and China (200 000 tonnes). To that can also be added Aliapur’s consignments of old tyres (10 000 tonnes a year) or the scrap metal from the Arcelor Mittal plant at Basse-Indre, stored and loaded at Cheviré (15 to 20 000 tonnes a year).

The Sand Pits of the Estuary

At the end of 2007, the Major Seaport Authority decided to transform the Cheviré sand terminal by grouping together upstream all the sand activities on the same site (including the activities at Trentemoult). A second unloading facility was therefore built at Cheviré in 2010 to handle the one million tonnes of traffic each year. The sand is collected from the extraction zones of Le Pilier and Les Charpentiers located off the mouth of the Loire. The operations and commercial activities are undertaken by five firms: Saremer, Sablières de Nantes, GSM, Sablières de Cheviré and SNA.