The Upriver Port Facilities: A Multi-Activity Centre


  • Grain and Cereals
  • Non-Hazardous Liquids

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  • Forest Products
  • Logistics
  • Recycled Scrap Metal
  • Sand

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  • Cruise Shipping
  • Paper Production
  • Fertilizers

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  • 2.2 million tonnes of overall traffic volume at the upriver port facilities in 2018
  • Over 540 calls by vessels
  • 620 000 tonnes of grain and cereals
  • 187 000 tonnes of recycling products (scrap metal) 
  • One million tonnes of sand
  • 60 000 tonnes of forest products imported

Long driven by the power of its commercial marketplace for forest products, Nantes Cheviré now wishes to capitalize on the advantages afforded by its logistical service offer. Direct connections to the motorway and rail networks, an inland waterway link with Montoir de Bretagne, proximity to Nantes Atlantique International Airport and its available land reserves mean that this logistics platform is in great demand.

Around its long-established activities (forest products and sand), Cheviré is also seeking to draw in new types of traffic such as recycling products. The Port shows true commitment to this approach. The other two facilities, Cormerais - Roche Maurice and Quai Wilson respectively specialize in grain and cereal exports and liquid bulk cargo imports, and in the reception of cruise liners. With over 2 million tonnes of cargo a year (2.4 million in 2012), the Nantes port facilities handle nearly 10 % of the Port’s total traffic volume.