Paimboeuf: A Dredging Operations Centre Operating 7 Days a Week


  • A 120-metre-long mobile frontage
  • A team operating 7 days a week
  • Three maintenance sheds

The dredging of the River Loire is a strategic activity for the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority. Its operations centre is based at Paimbœuf, on the south bank of the Estuary, 25 kilometres upstream of Saint Nazaire. The centre is responsible for developing and rolling out the dredging programme. It works in close collaboration with the Harbour Master’s Office and customers (Total, Elengy, ship’s agents, etc.).

Among its main missions are production control, resupplying the dredgers (replacement parts, individual protection equipment, consumables, etc.) and the coordination of crews operating 7 days a week. The facility notably has at its disposal three sheds where primary-level maintenance services are also provided.

But the facility's principal asset consists above all in its mobile frontage made up of several scows each measuring 40 metres in length. This infrastructure is capable of receiving, both within and without, not only dredgers but also pusher tugs, survey vessels or service craft.