Montoir Multi-Bulk: Cattle Feed and Gas in the Lead

Energy as the Driving Force

Built in 1980, the LNG terminal operated by Elengy, a division of the GDF Suez Group, is the largest of its kind in Europe, with a storage capacity of 6 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which arrives for the most part from Algeria but also from Nigeria or Egypt. At its two landing stages, it receives around 60 LNG tankers a year: vessels that are growing both in size and in technological complexity. The first Q-Flex-type vessel (capacity: 216 000 m3 – draught: 12 metres) was received in November 2009 and Elengy is already preparing to receive larger LNG carriers of the Q-Max type (266 000 m3).

To consolidate the supply base for Western France, in 2010 the GDF Suez Group built a 435-megawatt, combined-cycle gas-fired electric power station.

Coal is another key supply resource. Each year, Montoir Multi-Bulk receives over 2 million tonnes to be supplied to the EDF power station at Cordemais.

The Leader for Animal Feedstuffs

Nantes – Saint Nazaire is the leading port in France for cattle feed, receiving more than half of all French imports of the ingredients used in their manufacture. Great Western France is Europe’s N° 1 region for pig and cattle farming. Consignments of cattle cakes from Argentina and Brazil, the by-products of the oilseed trituration process (90 % composed of soya beans, but also including rapeseed), arrive at Montoir de Bretagne.
The facility’s level of performance is also down to its organization (two dedicated berths and handling circuits permitting the separation and traceability of the products), to its specialist teams and to its equipment: cranes, continuous unloaders, over 8 kilometres of conveyors, distribution and weighing towers, 70 000 m² of stores…
The Cargill Group has set up on this site a rapeseed trituration unit with a processing capacity of 600 000 tonnes a year. The oil thus produced is supplied both to the Diester Atlantique biofuel plant at Montoir de Bretagne and to the agri-foodstuffs industry.

Farming in the Blood…

Liquid or solid bulk cargo, numerous other agricultural products and agri-foodstuffs are handled at the Montoir Multi-Bulk facility. These can be for export (grain, cereals, fertilizers) or for import (peat, acids, ammonia, molasses, etc.), involving in particular the raw materials necessary for the production of fertilizers by the Yara France plant.

… And Building Materials

Montoir Multi-Bulk is a major player for imports of building materials such as bentonite, clinker or cement. There is a dedicated continuous unloading line for cement, serving to prevent any risk of cross-contamination with other products, mainly agri-foodstuffs. The industrial firms present on site include companies such as Holcim and Kercim. The Montoir de Bretagne facility is also used to export the gypsum produced by the flue gas desulphurization unit at the Cordemais power station.