Le Pellerin: The Principal Maintenance Workshops


  • 5 000 m2 of surface area 
  • A 1 700-tonne, 92-metre-long floating dock
  • A floating platform complete with a 90-tonne capacity crane

The Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority’s principal maintenance workshops are based at Le Pellerin. In addition to a 5 000 m2 building, the Coteaux facility incorporates a 1 700-tonne, 92-metre-long floating dock and a floating platform fitted with a crane with a lifting capacity of 90 tonnes (the Aloès pontoon). Thanks to their specific plant and equipment, the workshops are able to take care of large-scale work assignments, including repair work on the dredgers, port handling equipment and waterborne craft.

The Port Authority’s technical support technicians provide all type of maintenance services, including mechanical engineering, machining, sheet-metal working, electrical and automation engineering, worksite logistics and carpentry services… Specialist expertise that enables them not just to provide support for the other Port Authority teams but also to meet the work requirements of external customers, such as for scheduled maintenance operations.