Le Carnet: A Site Dedicated to Eco-Technologies


  • 300 hectares of land reserves
  • 100 hectares available for the creation of an eco-technological park

Situated close to the Montoir de Bretagne and Saint Nazaire port facilities, the 300 hectares of land reserves at Le Carnet, which forms part of the Communauté de Communes Sud Estuaire are the ideal location to further the area’s industrial diversification through the installation of emerging activities.

Plans are currently being made for the development of a 100-hectare area of the site to accommodate an eco-technological park oriented towards renewable marine energies. The construction of the future facility will be accompanied by measures to reclassify and to manage the site’s natural areas.

This centre for innovation should make it possible to develop new technologies: hydro-electricity, wave power farms, the utilization of microalgae, etc. With the reorganization of the industrial site of Saint Nazaire, where the avenues of diversification also include the offshore wind energy sector, and the planned logistical link between the two sites, the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority will be in a position to offer the proper supply base that is necessary for the development of these new activities.