Donges: France’s Third Biggest oil tanker Terminal


  • Nearly 590 port calls in 2018
  • A processing capacity of 11 million tonnes of crude oil a year 
  • 8.7 million tonnes of crude oil imported in 2018
  • Between 4 and 6 million tonnes of refined petroleum products exported a year

On a 350-hectare site alongside the River Loire, the Donges installations supply the second biggest refinery in France operated by the Total Group. Employing around 400 people, the facility has an annual processing capacity of 11 million tonnes of crude oil (outside of maintenance periods). The Donges refinery is the only such facility on France’s Atlantic Seaboard and plays a strategic role in supplying the regions of Western and Central France.

The facility receives approximately 650 calls by vessels every year and accounts for over 50 % of the Port’s total traffic volume. In addition to motor vehicle fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG), the refinery also produces kerosene, butane, propane, bitumen and domestic and industrial heating oils.

Three berths are reserved for imports of crude oil and four other berths for exports of refined petroleum products. Two haulage depots and one rail depot are used for deliveries by lorry and by rail wagon. Two pipelines also serve the market, one going to Brittany, via a depot in Rennes, and the other to Central and Eastern France via the Donges-Melun-Metz pipeline.

Based at Donges, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port’s operations group has at its disposal dedicated nautical and onshore equipment to combat pollution, including intervention units, the means to deploy booms and absorbents, a spill recovery barge, two dinghies and a launch. It also intervenes in support of vessels (deployment of gangways, repairs to hooks and mooring lines, etc).