Strategic Plan

Becoming a Reference Port for Energy and Ecological Transition

On 23rd October, the Supervisory Board of the Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port Authority approved the strategic plan for 2015-2020.

Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port has set itself the goal of becoming a reference port for energy and ecological transition. Possessing a fossil energy base that represents two thirds of its total traffic volume, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port is not seeking to implement a breakaway strategy. On the contrary, being conscious of the current challenges and industrial developments, the Port Authority is focussing on a transitional approach. The Total refinery at Donges and EDF’s thermal power station at Cordemais are making significant investments in order to minimize their environmental impact, while Alstom and STX are committing to the marine renewable energy sector.

Furthermore, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port is located on the Loire Estuary, which is characterized by a patchwork of different environments. Natural spaces, some of which are situated within the Port Authority’s area of jurisdiction, present a rich biodiversity and important ecological functionalities.

28 Operational Actions

The strategic plan covers the period 2015-2020. It is based on three strategic orientations: "Playing a core role in existing and emerging sectors", "Delivering high-performance port-based industrial facilities" and "Driving a shared policy for the sustainable development of estuarine port areas". The sectorial orientation focusses on the issues of business intelligence, commercial prospection, traffic development and new logistical and industrial operations. The industrial performance orientation concerns the organization of port transit activities in conjunction with Port Community players, as well as nautical and overland accesses and the inland waterway, rail-based or intermodal service offer. Lastly, the sustainable development orientation covers at one and the same time the densification of industrial and logistical areas and the management of natural spaces.

The strategic orientations are expressed in the form of 28 operational actions elaborated with the contribution of Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port’s experts. Most will be conducted in project mode and will involve multidisciplinary teams.