Progress on the programme of operational actions

Port Strategy Reinforced by Dynamic Sectors of Activity

All the 28 actions are proceeding. . As of the end of 2017, the overall level of progress for the programme of operational actions prescribed by the 2015-2020 strategic plan is estimated at 66 %, compared to 56 % at the end of 2016.

extension de quaiImprovements designed to respond to changes in the container shipping sector and to the expansion of industrial sectors and marine renewable energy activities were completed by year end or got under way. Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port intensified its international actions focussing on strong-growth zones. The year was also marked by the development of several shipping services and by the start of a regional community port promotion initiative.

Rénovation Ecluse estExtensive port property and infrastructure upgrades were carried out in order to deliver high-performance port-based industrial facilities. The refurbishment of the caisson gate of dry dock N° 1, the launch of the programme of work to renovate the movable bridges and locks and the replacement of the berthing contact panels at the multi-bulk terminal are among the significant operations undertaken during the year.

Innovative actions were implemented to further sustainable development. As part of its industrial ecology initiative, the Port Authority instituted a scoping study to develop the intelligent control and management of electricity networks and flows of electrical energy. An autonomous cycle path came into service at Montoir de Bretagne. The biggest roof-top photovoltaic plant in the Pays de la Loire Region was installed at the Cheviré port facility. A management plan was finalized for the natural spaces at Donges. And lastly, the dredger Samuel de Champlain will soon be undergoing a liquefied natural gas engine retrofit.