Industrial Ecology : From Diagnosis to Concrete Projects

écologie industrielle Saint-NazaireInstituted in 2014, the industrial ecology initiative in the port activity zone between Saint Nazaire and Donges is generating inter-company synergies. An industrial heating network, the exchange of unavoidable energy and pooled collection arrangements for waste products are just some of the identified interactions which make sense … and savings.

Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, which are leading the industrial ecology initiative in the Saint Nazaire − Donges port activity zone, are proposing to report via a quarterly newsletter on the synergies that are being introduced or planned in the area concerned. The diagnosis carried out in 2014 served to identify some possible interactions; these are being refined or achieving concrete form today, and other interactions will see the light of day with the progress made on the initiatives by the companies involved.

In this way, in Saint Nazaire, a study is being conducted regarding the technical and economic feasibility of a 3-kilometre-long industrial heating network producing a saving of 2 000 tonnes of CO2. At Montoir de Bretagne, from the Yara France plant or the Air Liquide plant to the IDEA Groupe methanation unit, there is a plan to recover and reutilize unavoidable energy, namely the energy produced by an industrial process whose purpose is not in fact the production of such energy. In the port activity zone, seven companies could pool arrangements for the collection of their hazardous waste, which represents a volume of around 4 300 tonnes per year. Those arrangements are about to be formalized by contract. And mention should also be made of the pooled arrangements for waste pallet disposal and for the upkeep of water treatment facilities.

Certain collective actions have been put in place in other areas. These actions clearly illustrate what can be done by adopting an industrial ecology rationale. They concern the synergy between the Engie gas combined-cycle electric power plant and the Elengy liquefied natural gas terminal, which by pumping Loire river water exchange heat and cold. There is also the arrangement whereby treated industrial water from the Total refinery at Donges is sent to the coal terminal, where it is sprinkled on the stocks of coal.

Integrating Microalgae in an Industrial Ecology Approach

In November 2016, Pays de la Loire Regional Authority launched a call for innovations scheme entitled "Resolution", the initial focus being on the theme of blue growth. This initiative is designed to place businesses with development projects in contact with parties proposing innovative solutions.
Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port submitted an application thereunder, and was chosen to present a project relating to the capture of CO2 with a view to feeding microalgae. Algosource, the solution provider chosen on 16th May 2017, has received a 20 000 € grant from the Regional Authority. Algosource now has six months in which to demonstrate the feasibility of the solution.