Industrial and Port Players Come Together to Develop Railfreight

Evénement en faveur du fret ferroviaire sur le site de CargillHeld early in September at the Cargill industrial facility at Montoir , the gathering to promote the development of railfreight brought together over 80 participants. Driven by Cargill, IDEA Groupe, OFP Atlantique and Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port, the event put the spotlight on this mode of transport and served to encourage Loire Estuary industrial firms to turn to rail.

National and port players, local and regional elected officials and representatives of the Port Community were all in attendance on Friday 4th September to witness the arrival of one of the first trains operated by OFP Atlantique to transport a consignment of rapeseed from the Central France Region. This unifying event evidences a determination to encourage the use of this high-volume mode of cargo transportation, a strong vector for the development of port-based activities.

The event marked the creation of a new partnership between four players committed to developing the transportation of cargo by rail: Cargill, which conveys over 400 000 tonnes of rapeseed and sunflower seed by rail wagon to its Montoir and Saint Nazaire facilities every year, OFP Atlantique, the operator offering full, nationwide rail traction services for customers at the Ports of La Rochelle and Nantes – Saint Nazaire, IDEA Groupe, the cargo handler and approved port-based rail operator at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire and Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port, which owns a 40-kilometre-long port-based railway network.

Evénement en faveur du fret ferroviaire sur le site de CargillAt present, eleven industrial facilities possess their own railway sidings at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire. They are Descours et Cabaud, Invivo and LBC at the Cheviré terminals, Yara France, Sea Invest and Invivo at Montoir de Bretagne and IDEA Groupe, STX France and AMD Solutions France in Saint Nazaire. The Cargill Group has industrial railway sidings in Saint Nazaire and at Montoir de Bretagne.

1.1 million tonnes of cargo were conveyed via the Nantes – Saint Nazaire port-based railway network in 2014. It is the stated ambition of the Loire Estuary economic stakeholders to see that volume treble by 2020-2030.

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