The SEM-REV Offshore Test Site Unveiled

Inauguration du site d'essai en mer SEM-REV - © Région des Pays de la Loire - Ouest Médias - L. FaillerThe marine renewable energy (MRE) test site operated jointly by Centrale Nantes Engineering School and the CNRS, France’s Science and Engineering Research Council, was unveiled at Le Croisic on 25th August. This marks a significant stage in the development of the MRE sector in the Pays de la Loire Region.

Connected to the electricity network, SEM-REV possesses sea-based and shore-based equipment permitting the development of demonstrators and prototypes in operational conditions. The platform located off Le Croisic is now on stream, thanks to the completion over the summer of the HUB Project, an undersea connection system. As of September, this innovative, dedicated equipment will make it possible to link up the different means of energy production in just one day.

The prototypes concern both offshore wind turbine systems (the Idéol Company’s Floatgen Project, which is currently being designed) and wave energy conversion demonstrators (such as the GEPS Techno Project).

In addition to accommodating the demonstrators, the SEM-REV platform is also hosting research and development projects. Its atypical, high-performance system for ocean and meteorological measurements will enable researchers to add to their knowledge of the marine environment, marine biology and geology, ocean-atmosphere interaction, the generation and propagation of swell and currents, etc.

© Région des Pays de la Loire - Ouest Médias - L. Failler


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