Cinema: a Festival in Saint Nazaire Dedicated to the Port Environment

Zones portuaires, festival de cinéma à Saint-Nazaire

In Saint Nazaire, from 10th to 16th June, the Cales Obscures ("Dark Holds") Association is organizing an international film gathering dedicated to port cities.

Set to find a lasting place in the Saint Nazaire landscape, the Zones Portuaires ("Port Zones") Festival will each year be spotlighting one port city. For this first edition, that city is Tangiers, in Morocco.

The programme includes among other events film shows held outdoors and indoors, films for young spectators and a panel discussion involving port professionals. The public will have the chance to discover or rediscover Rendez-vous des quais ("Gathering on the Quays") by Paul Carpita, Le Havre ("Le Havre") by Aki Kaurismaki, Le Poulpe ("The Octopus") by Guillaume Nicloux or numerous short films about Tangiers.

The French actor Jean-Pierre Daroussin, who is the Patron of the Festival, will be taking part in the opening night from 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 10th June, at the Jacques Tati Cinema in Saint Nazaire.


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