Scrap Metal : Record beaten in 2014

The all-time record for scrap metal exports was beaten in 2014, with a figure in excess of 409 Kt, or close to 2% of the overall traffic volume.

265 Kt of scrap metal are shipped out of the TGO Great Western Terminal at Montoir de Bretagne and 143 Kt from Cheviré. The consignments are transported to the ports of shipment by lorry.

The principal countries of destination are Turkey, with nearly 130 Kt (representing 31.5 % of the traffic volume), Spain with 111 Kt (27%), Morocco with 78 Kt (19%) and France with 77 Kt (19%). In France, Bayonne received 70 Kt and Dunkirk nearly 7 Kt.

60 vessels transported consignments of scrap metal last year. The biggest cargo was shipped to the Port of Diliskelesi in Turkey and weighed close to 34 Kt.

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