Turnaround Time for All the Total Units at Donges

Grand arrêt de la raffinerie TotalA major maintenance turnaround for half the units of industrial facilities is a statutory requirement once every 3 years. The Total refinery at Donges offers no exception to the rule, but this year, some large-scale projects are resulting in the progressive shutdown of all the units over the course of 8 weeks. Operations are scheduled to start up again unit by unit on 25th June. Here’s a closer a look at the work projects that are set to mobilize up to 3 000 people.

The 2015 major maintenance turnaround will offer the opportunity to conduct some twenty projects of all types, in addition to the usual maintenance and part replacement work. The aim of the work projects is to deliver unit maintenance and upgrades in terms of processes, safety and environmental protection and to increase installation availability so as to enhance the competitiveness of the Donges facility.

A Jellyfish Reminiscent of Jules Verne

One of the most spectacular operations consists in replacing certain parts of the production process cracking unit. The teams will be opening up the guts of the unit for an operation commonly known as a "jellyfish". The 92-tonne jellyfish with its four 6-metre-long tentacles is used to produce parts that will be installed at a height of several dozen metres, following the dismantling and removal of the old parts. Other, just as spectacular work projects will go ahead over the course of the eight-week period.

200 Firms on Site

At the height of the operations, the 2015 maintenance turnaround requires the reception of up to 3 000 people on site. There is no room for improvisation. Catering in partnership with local businesses in Donges (700 meals served daily on average), transport, parking (3 000 places provided), accommodation… logistics is also one of the key elements in the success of this major maintenance turnaround.

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