2013-2014 Grain and Cereal Harvest : 1,3 million tonnes

The 2013-2014 grain and cereal harvest was completed on 30th June. 1.3 million tonnes will have transited the Loire Estuary’s three silos: to within 1 000 tonnes, that represents exactly the same quantity as for the previous harvest.

The first French wheat crops of the 2014-2015 harvest are arriving in the silos of Loire Atlantique. Quantity and quality appear to be on hand for the crops from the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Poitou-Charentes Regions. For the Regions lying further to the East and to the North, the rainstorms over the last few days have caused some amount of damage which is yet to be assessed.

At a worldwide level, the grain and cereal harvest promises to be abundant, in particular for France’s main competitors, namely the USA and the Black Sea Countries (Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan). The Black Sea Region has therefore quite rightly been the successful bidder in the recent calls for tenders in the Eastern Mediterranean (Egypt) and the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia and Iran). Meanwhile, the first vessels leaving Nantes – Saint Nazaire have been southbound (Spain, Portugal, Canaries, Mauritania and Senegal).


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