Multimodal Transportation

From 12th to 15th May, the Atlantic Centre for European Shortsea Shipping (CASE) is offering a training course aimed specifically at professionals: « Moving into Multimodal Transportation: New Demands, New Challenges ». A practical, concrete approach taught call by call and on the way between the Ports of Montoir de Bretagne, Gijón and La Rochelle.

The specificity of this training course lies in discovering, on site, the economic and ecological benefits of multimodal transportation by inland waterway, rail and shortsea shipping, with their techniques, the legal environment and the market conditions. Multimodal transportation is viewed as a tool in the service of firms wishing to engage in a proactive policy of corporate social responsibility.

A Programme Covering Three and a Half Days

•    Day 1: Reception of the trainees at the Port of Nantes – Saint Nazaire. Tour of the terminals. Embarkation aboard the ferry to Gijón.
•    Day 2: Theoretical and practical training sessions on board. Disembarkation and tour of the Port of Gijón. Theoretical training sessions at the Port of Gijón. Embarkation for the return journey to Montoir.
•    Day 3: Journey from Montoir to La Rochelle. Theoretical training sessions at La Rochelle Graduate School of Business.
•    Day 4 (half a day): Tour of the Port of La Rochelle and theoretical training sessions at La Rochelle Graduate School of Business.

Interactive Map