Wheat for the Middle East

On 8th January, the 190-metre-long Panamax vessel Al-Yasat II began loading her cargo of soft wheat at In Vivo’s Roche Maurice grain terminal in Nantes. Following the 29 000 tonnes loaded in Nantes, the vessel took on board the rest of her cargo at berth N° 4 of the Montoir de Bretagne multi-bulk terminal, with an additional 55 000 tonne consignment. The Al-Yasat II got under way for the Yemen on 14th January.

The Yemen is a big structural importer of grain and cereals for the Arabian Peninsula. Its imports of grain and cereals amount to at least 2.5 million tonnes each year. This country located at the outlet of the Red Sea is little known. Its surface area of 527 000 km² is comparable to that of France and its current population of 24 million inhabitants is growing rapidly. The local production of grain and cereals only covers one quarter of the country’s requirements on average, owing to a lack of water resources.

Seeing as the Black Sea source (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan), which has often been dominant in this area, now has little or no spare wheat available, the seller In Vivo has been able to place a big contract with this country. In February, a second vessel of comparable size to the Al-Yasat II will be calling at the Lower Loire to load a second cargo for the Yemen, which will represent 100 000 tonnes bound for the Red Sea in the space of two months.

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