Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port Collaborates with Waze on Improving Road Traffic Flow

The real-time movements of the bridges and locks in Saint Nazaire are now taken into account by the navigation app based on information sharing.

On 23rd January, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port became an official data provider for the collaborative app Waze. The information supplied concerns the swing and lift bridges of the south lock, the bridge of the Joubert sluice dock and the bridge of the east lock, and also in the near future the Pont du Pertuis bridge, on which work is being carried out until June.

This innovation was made possible thanks to the mobilization of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port personnel, who helped to retrieve the data from the automated machinery installed on each structure. With the exception of the bridge of the Joubert sluice dock, which is operated from a traction room, the movable structures are remotely controlled from the central control room located at the foot of the east lock. When an operator actuates one of the structures ahead of a vessel movement in the Saint Nazaire dock basins, the information is now automatically supplied to Waze.

The transmission of such data serves to ensure that the journey times proposed by Waze in the Saint Nazaire port activity zone are fully accurate. This is a zone which has seen a particularly sustained level of industrial and logistical activity over a number of years now. The app will help to improve traffic flow for neighbouring residents and the some 10 000 workers passing through this zone daily.

A First Stage in a More Comprehensive Approach

This stage is part of a more comprehensive approach designed to improve the circulation of information on road traffic conditions in the Saint Nazaire port activity zone. This was the object of one of the challenges at the Smart Port Hackathon held by Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port at the end of November 2019. Since then, work has been under way on preparing an app to communicate information both in real time and predictively on traffic circulation conditions (movable structures, work operations in progress, etc.). Parallel to this, traffic signs indicating the status of the movable structures (closed or open to road traffic) are set to be installed before the summer.

Interactive Map