48 Hours to Expedite Digital Innovations

Committed to a Smart Port approach, Nantes − Saint-Nazaire Port is holding its first hackathon on 26th, 27th and 28th November 2019, at the Le Garage venue in Saint Nazaire.

Multidisciplinary teams will be challenged to develop concrete, innovative solutions serving port-related activities.

Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port is an activator of the economy of Greater Western France. Being positioned at the heart of an ecosystem of Regional Community players, port professionals, logistics specialists and industrial firms, and also of the digital technology sphere, the Port Authority has launched a "Smart Port" initiative, in order to facilitate and to expedite digital innovations benefitting port-related activities and enhancing the Region’s appeal. Three major issues have been defined: "optimizing flows and infrastructures", "acting in favour of maritime and port safety and security", and "improving the interface between the Port, the City and the wider community".

Anticipating the requirements of the Region’s businesses and industries, listening to port players, comparing and sharing expertise, finding digital solutions to improve its competitiveness and to strengthen its ties with the wider community… those are the precepts of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port’s actions within that ecosystem. Organizing a hackathon represents a first stage in structuring the initiative.

Start-ups, developers, students in the digital sectors, port firms and industrial companies are therefore invited to come together to take up, as a team, one of the following challenges:
•    Challenge N° 1:    Optimizing waiting times for vessels calling at the Port;
•    Challenge N° 2:    Communicating information to the general public about the vessels passing by Saint Nazaire;
•    Challenge N° 3:    Utilizing real-time environment data (wind and tidal information) for the management of vessel movements;
•    Challenge N° 4:    Providing real-time information regarding work operations affecting traffic circulation on port road accesses.

To that end, the event will begin with an immersion in the port environment, in the form of a tour of the facilities at the Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire and meetings with the issue identifiers. The teams will be formed on the Tuesday evening. Assisted by a coach, each team will then have 48 hours in which to present a prototype digital solution. Experts on the issues concerned will be at their disposal throughout the challenge. Over the course of the two days, thought-provoking conferences and moments of relaxation will be proposed to the candidates, so as to maintain the teams’ creative tension.

At the end of the hackathon, a panel of judges comprising major players in the ecosystem will evaluate and reward the best solutions. Their proponents will then be given financial support to continue the development of the chosen solutions.

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