A Redevelopment Project Led by Les Brassés and Sōzō

The call for expressions of interest in redeveloping the Saint Nazaire pumping station has just closed. With the support of Saint Nazaire’s Municipal Council and Urban Area District Authority, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, which owns the building and the land, has selected the project led by restaurateur and brewer Les Brassés and hotelier Sōzō to breathe new life into this iconic site.

The pumping station forms an exceptional part of Saint Nazaire’s port heritage, on account of its history, its architecture and its geographical location. The determination to preserve and to enhance this site has led Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port to seek to give the pumping station a new purpose. A call for expressions of interest open to all types of projects was launched at the end of 2017.

The candidates were asked to take into account several major criteria: respect for the architectural and patrimonial context of the building, respect for the identity and the memory of the pumping station, compatibility with the functional uses of the outer harbour site in land-based and maritime terms, integration within the overall plans drawn up by Saint Nazaire Municipal Council for the redevelopment of the maritime waterfront, as well as the presentation of a long-term economic model and the delivery of added real-estate value for Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port.

A Concept in Five Spaces

The terms of reference were downloaded 45 times and 15 proposals were submitted. Following a round of on-site discussions with the candidates and after interviewing three preselected project initiators, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port and its partnership committee comprising Saint Nazaire Municipal Council, Saint Nazaire Urban Area District Authority and ADDRN (the Agency for the Sustainable Development of Saint Nazaire) chose the project led by Les Brassés in association with hotelier Sōzō.

This stage, which was completed by the Management Board of Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port on 29th November 2018, brought the call for expressions of interest to a close. Since then, discussions have been ongoing between Les Brassés, Sōzō and Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port to finalize the project.

It is planned that the pumping station will accommodate a living area that will be accessible to all and including a bar-brasserie, a sales space, a concierge facility, and a space reserved for seminars and event-based gatherings, all representing a total surface area of over 620 m². A 440 m² area at the heart of the pumping station will be given over to craft beer production. The project also incorporates a hotel with a contemporary design.

Interactive Map