SITL 2019: A Look Back in Pictures

The Port of Nantes − Saint Nazaire promotion collective was present for the first time under the colours of Be My Port, at the SITL Innovation in Transport & Logistics Trade Show in Paris, from 26th to 28th March. Over the course of three days, LD Seaplane, Lotus Containers, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Development Agency, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port, Neoline, Atlantic Supply Chain and Procurement Organization PASCA, Sea-Invest, SNM Heavy Handling, Sogebras (Nantes and Montoir Agencies), Sogestran Group, Compagnie Ligérienne de Transport (CLT), Suardiaz, TGO Great Western Terminal and Nantes Ports Maritime Union (UMNP) presented their offers on a joint stand.

Here’s a look back in pictures at this 2019 edition.










Interactive Map