Manitou and Beneteau to Come on Board the Neoliner

Following Renault in November 2018, NEOLINE has now received two major new endorsements: from Manitou and Beneteau. The two Loire-Estuary-based Groups have signed a letter of intent expressing their interest in the sail-propulsion cargo ship project developed by NEOLINE. The announcements were made at the SITL Innovation in Transport & Logistics Trade Show, which was held in Paris from 26th to 28th March.

The Manitou Group, which is the worldwide market leader for all-terrain material handling, is planning to transport by ship over 1 000 units from Europe to the USA in 2019. This new solution consolidates the Company’s efforts to optimize international transport flows, whereby all its machines and components are distributed around the world, efficiently and with a lower environmental impact.

The worldwide leader in the nautical industry sector, the Beneteau Group has found in the service proposed by NEOLINE a solution that facilitates its export operations while at the same time greatly reducing its environmental impact. The Beneteau Group exports nearly 80 % of the boats and yachts built in Europe. A large proportion of those exports goes to the USA. The North American market represents close to 30 % of the Group’s sales turnover.

NEOLINE therefore plans to develop a transatlantic transport service delivering very low fuel consumption, thanks to innovative sail-propulsion vessels that are designed to carry ro-ro and oversized cargo. A ro-ro vessel measuring 136 metres in length and possessing 4 200 m² of developed sails, the Neoliner will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 % compared to a traditional cargo ship on an equivalent route.

Via the sales support offered, Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port gives its backing to alternative maritime transport initiatives, notably the sail-propulsion cargo ship project initiated by NEOLINE.

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