Enercon Takes Care of its Logistics

Wind turbine manufacturer and installer Enercon has just opened new premises near Nantes. They are to be used by the Company’s subsidiary, Enercon Services Ouest (Western Division), which is responsible for installation and maintenance activities.

The German Company Enercon, which is the world’s fifth largest producer of land-based wind turbines and which this year is celebrating 15 years of operations in France, sets out to be virtuous in all things, including its logistics. The Company has established its production facilities close to strategic transport nodes, to prioritize the use of rail transport where possible. For transportation by sea, Enercon has its own transport organization department. The Company coordinates its transport operations without employing the services of outside forwarding agents. It even has its own vessel to deliver its products throughout the world.

"The E-ship 1 operates partly using wind power", emphasizes Yoann Payelleville, Enercon’s Sales Manager for the Western Division. "With its four 27-metre-high masts fitted with Turbosails, the mixed-propulsion vessel makes a saving of up to 15 % on fuel."

The E-ship 1 regularly unloads its cargo consignments at the Ports of Brest, La Rochelle or Montoir de Bretagne, which form the three gateways to Greater Western France.

50 Wind Turbines a Year in the Western Division

Enercon has chosen Les Sorinières, south of Nantes, as the location for its regional headquarters. The site is shared by two entities: Enercon GmbH, which is responsible for sales and project follow-up, and Enercon Services Ouest (Western Division), which concentrates on installation and maintenance. The latter entity is a fast-developing business, which has in fact recently opened new premises.

"We have 160 salaried employees in the Brittany, Pays de la Loire and New Aquitaine Regions," continues Yoann Payelleville. "We install around fifty units a year, representing a total of 950 megawatts to date. The concrete masts are produced in France and the blades in Germany, Brazil or Portugal. But we also get our supplies from Sweden, Poland or Turkey."

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