MSC Optimizes its Montoir Services

MSC is doubling the number of calls by its Northern Europe − Morocco − Spain − Portugal service at Montoir de Bretagne. The new organization delivers significant improvements in terms of transit times, evidence of the importance that the Shipping Line ascribes to this port call.

The Montoir de Bretagne port facility is becoming increasingly important for MSC. It is now the N° 3 port in France, behind Le Havre and Fos-sur-Mer, in particular for North Africa destinations. MSC has recently modified its Northern Europe − Morocco − Spain − Portugal service, which up until now had called once a week.

"Cargo inbound from Asia used to go up to Antwerp and was then forwarded to Montoir," explains Cédric Eon, Sales Manager at Nantes − Saint Nazaire Port. "The northbound solution via Sines offers an optimized transit time for consignments arriving from Asia notably. By avoiding a journey up the English Channel then back down again, several days are saved. Departing from Shanghai with MSC, the transit time is 29 days for Montoir, which is virtually the same as the transit time to Le Havre (28 days). Up to now, the transit time was around 33 days.

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