Gear for the Route du Rhum Yacht Race Passes through Montoir

Seven containers loaded with outfitting gear recently left the Container Terminal, bound for Pointe-à-Pitre via the French West Indies Marfret Service, which connects Montoir de Bretagne and Pointe-à-Pitre.

The equipment notably included sails, tenders or transport cradles to be used to bring back the yachts that have taken part in the Route du Rhum yacht race, among others the 40, Imoca and Gitana classes.

Five containers were loaded aboard the Pointe Caraïbes on 22nd October, another was put on board the Pointe du Diamant on 28th October. The last container departed on 4th November, aboard the Pointe Marin.

Marfret’s agent Sogebras Montoir coordinated the operations with the logistics providers and forwarding agents involved, notably Lamberigts Antwerp. At 9 days, Montoir offers the best transit time, as it is the last European port of call before the French West Indies.

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