The 2013 major shutdown of the oil rafinery at Donges

Every five or six years, the units of an oil refinery are halted for a scheduled major shutdown. At Donges, the shutdown takes place in two cycles, every 3 years or so. This year, the operation began on 4th February, with the shutdown of 50 % of the units.

A major shutdown enables a refinery to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and see to the maintenance and upgrading of the units, in the light of technological progress as regards both processes and safety. It is an important step, since the facility’s performance over the next six years is contingent upon the quality of the work.

Donges extends over 350 hectares and has a processing capacity of 11 MT of crude oil. In 2012, the refinery’s activities accounted for 54 % of the traffic handled by Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port.

Interactive Map