Tugging consists in assisting all types of vessel in their manœuvres in the harbours and channels, in all circumstances:
- tugging for the channelling, docking, hauling or departure from dock of vessels;
- assistance and rescue of vessels in difficulty or in distress;
- special operations within the port area for vessels in peril: breakage of mooring lines, damage to the ship’s engines or helm, stranding, etc.

Tugging is not compulsory, but the Harbour Master’s Office, being in charge of safety, is entitled to require the use of tugboats for the docking of vessels carrying hazardous cargoes or as pusher tugs in order to limit the risks of mooring lines breaking.

Tugging services are provided by 8 tugboats operated by the Boluda Company. The fleet comprises the Croisic, which is the most powerful, the VB Saint-Brévin, the VB Saint-Marc, the Pornichet, the Belle Ile, the Guérande, the Pouliguen and the Aturri.