Le Pellerin: Testimony to the Lower Loire’s Rich Industrial Heritage


  • 5 000 m2 of surface area
  • A floating dock comprising two parts: the mother dock (made fast in the River Loire) and the service dock (structure entering the mother dock)
  • A floating pontoon fitted with a 90-tonne capacity crane: the Aloès pontoon

The first workshops at Le Pellerin (20 kilometres downriver of Nantes) were built back in 1883. They were used to store the equipment used on the construction of the La Martinière canal. Extended and rebuilt in brick at the start of the 20th Century, the building was then given over to vessel maintenance activities.

The 5 000 m2 Les Coteaux workshop is still used for vessel repair and plant and equipment maintenance purposes. It is even the main facility servicing the Loire dredgers, the craft used to extract the silt and sand that accumulate on the riverbed.

To carry out such operations, the facility possesses a floating dock on the River Loire and a pontoon fitted with a crane that has a lifting capacity of 90 tonnes. Around fifty port technicians work at the facility, notably providing mechanical engineering, machining, sheet-metal working, electrical and automation engineering and carpentry services.