Cordemais Power Station: an Essential Link in the EDF Chain


  • 2 600 megawatts of utilized power
  • 4.9 terawatts produced per hour in 2011
  • 25 % of the Pays de la Loire Regional Authority’s electricity consumption
  • 30 % of the thermal electricity production in France


Cordemais electric power station is EDF’s largest thermal electricity production facility in France. A high energy capacity unit in the French electricity network (2 600 megawatts of utilized power), this power station fulfils a strategic role in supplying electricity to Western France.

Mainly coal-fired and in small part oil-fired, the power station covered 25 % of the electricity consumption of the Pays de la Loire Regional Authority and one third of France’s thermal electricity production in 2011 (4.9 terawatts produced per hour). A striving for performance that does not stop the facility from being at the cutting edge in terms of environmental preservation. The facility is ISO 14001 certified.