FlexiLoire, the Loire Estuary Inland Waterway Transport Service

Since January 2018, a multi-site, multi-customer inland waterway transport service has been in operation on the Loire Estuary. FlexiLoire is operated by Compagnie Ligérienne de Transport (CLT). Airbus is the first user of the inland waterway service.

The provision comprises one main service connecting Cheviré and Montoir de Bretagne in five weekly rotations, representing 240 rotations per year. 9 additional links offer a network of connections covering the Loire Estuary, with loading and unloading options via the existing port infrastructures and possible other future facilities.

CLT’s diverse range of loading units makes it possible to adapt to different traffic sectors, such as XXL cargo consignments, urban logistics, vehicles, bulk cargo, special convoys in transit and containers.