A Leading Port for the Agri-Foodstuffs Sector

At the heart both of the agri-foodstuffs industry and of France’s second-ranked region for agriculture, Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port proposes competitive maritime, logistical and regulatory solutions. container, ro-ro, bulk cargo and breakbulk shipping services permit trade exchanges on all five continents for dairy produce, meat products, groceries, fruit and vegetables.

Logistics warehouses, storage areas and silos offer processing capability for dry products and positive- and negative-temperature refrigerated products. These secure facilities are backed by recognized logistics providers serving the value chain performance of industrial firms.

There are developments in equipment and services, such as the establishment of a refrigerated product centre or the installation of a port-based one-stop facility for regulatory requirements at the heart of Montoir de Bretagne’s centre for industrial and logistical operations.