Montoir de Bretagne: An Intermodal Logistics Platform on Europe’s Western Seaboard


  • Sand
  • Scrap Metal
  • Tertiary Activities

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  • Logistics
  • Transport (including Airbus)
  • Handling

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  • Energy-Related Bulk Cargo (including GDF Suez)
  • Industrial Bulk Cargo
  • Bulk Agri-Foodstuffs
  • Energy Production

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  • 1,3 million tonnes of coal in 2018
  • 7,2 million tonnes of LNG
  • 187 000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), or 1.8 million tonnes
  • 126 000 trailers and vehicles, or 591 000 tonnes

Intermodal (sea, inland waterway, road, rail and air) solutions developed thanks to the multimodal infrastructures in place at the terminals, an impressive concentration of service providers and logisticians alongside leading-edge industrial and logistical activities (Airbus), but also highly efficient handling equipment and real technical know-how, together with an extensive land and property development offer: the Montoir de Bretagne Logistics Centre has some very attractive plus points.

With nearly 185 000 TEUs handled in 2012 Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port is the 4th port in France for containers. The only port on Europe’s Atlantic Seaboard to be linked to the major hubs both of Northern Europe and of the Mediterranean, the Port is aiming to reach the 400 000 container mark by 2020. As far as ro-ro services are concerned, the launch of the Montoir-Gijón maritime motorway also opened up bright new prospects.


More than half of all French imports of cattle feed ingredients transit Montoir de Bretagne. With the considerable volumes handled by the LNG terminal – between 3 and 4 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas a year – and by the coal terminal, which supplies Europe’s largest thermal power station, Montoir de Bretagne has strong development potential.